Information of our Institute
We will visit you to examine water vessels, earth currents, burial grounds etc., or if you take pictures of houses, stores, factories, or burial grounds and send some of them to us by mail, we will classify them (1~7 grades) and send the results back to you by mail.
You will not able to prevent the harmful waves of water vessels or earth currents with copperplate or aluminiumplate. You have to neutralize the waves with other waves. Hae-chung Living Science Institute neutralize or remove the harmful waves of water vessels with the healthful ultrared ray waves.
Hae-chung Living Science Institute has developed the "ZERO-Pulse" which neutralizes the harmful waves like water vessel waves or electronmagenetic waves as well as the "Saeng-gi Pot" which changes some bad burial grounds to good ones by generating a large quantity of ultrared ray waves when you bury the Pot in the grounds. Pyramid which activates bio energy of human beings has been also on sale.
You will not have to visit us because we can send the products to you by mail.
When you visit our institute, please make a reservation in advance and make all necessary arrangements we need (pictures, and other information).
Contact Point
TEL : 82-2-575-1817
FAX : 82-2-576-4571
Address: #402, SamBong Bld., 258-3,Po-Yo Dong, Kang-nam Ku, Seoul, Korea
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